Vaccinations and Preventatives

puppy vaccinations

Just like humans, animals can be affected by infectious diseases and parasites, some of which can be transferred to humans. As responsible owners that want to keep your pets safe and healthy, we highly recommend that you vaccinate them according to the needs of their particular lifestyle. Dr. Suzy has developed a painless vaccination technique that ensures your pet can have an enjoyable, relaxed visit every time they come to Westside Animal Hospital!

Puppies and Kittens

Puppies and kittens receive initial protection against infectious diseases from their mother’s milk as long as she has been regularly vaccinated. However, this protection only lasts for a few weeks and so your new family member will need to be vaccinated starting at 8 weeks of age. Some puppies or kittens will go to their new homes having already received their first vaccinations but check with their breeder when you collect them. If they have not yet been vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian, we recommend that they get their first vaccinations and a physical as soon as possible after bringing them into your home. Additionally puppies and kittens require thorough de-worming, both for their health and the health of your family. Dr. Suzy will walk you through getting your puppy or kitten off on the right paw for a happy healthy life with you and your family.

As a guideline:

  • Puppies should be vaccinated beginning at 8 weeks of age. Puppies require a total of 3 or 4 rounds of vaccinations given 3 to 4 weeks apart.

  • Kittens should be vaccinated beginning at 8, 11, and 14 weeks of age.


Vaccinations are vital in defending your pet against harmful, avoidable diseases. We carry a thorough stock of vaccines, so we are always ready for your pet’s vaccination needs. However, not every pet needs every vaccine we carry, and we’ll customize your pet’s vaccination program to include exactly what they need to protect them every day. Dr. Suzy will discuss your pet’s lifestyles and risk factors with you to develop a tailored vaccination program specifically designed for your pet.

Every pet is required by law to be current on their rabies vaccinations. Dr. Suzy feels it’s her responsibility to the community and her patients to make sure all pets are currently vaccinated against rabies. Westside Animal Hospital offers low-cost vaccination clinics every Saturday we are open. In addition, Dr. Suzy participates in the Gustine Police Department’s Annual Vaccination Clinic, donating her time and Westside Animal Hospital's services to provide low-cost rabies vaccinations for our community.

We take care to vaccinate usinge Nobivac Vaccines. This means we are not only making sure your pet gets the safest vaccines available, but also for every vaccination given at Westside Animal Hospital a rabies vaccination is donated to Mission Rabies. Mission Rabies is an organization dedicated to erasing rabies in the world’s most at-risk regions. So when you vaccinate your pet at Westside Animal Hospital, you're not only protecting your pet and making your community a safer environment for others, you're making a global contribution with every vaccination your pet recieves.

Preventative Care

We protect the ones we love, and as your Veterinarian it is our goal to offer you the best options to shield your pet from harm every day. Preventative care, such as proper vaccinations, thorough deworming, and heartworm and flea protection is the armor your pet needs to defend themselves against health problems throughout their life. Dr. Suzy will ask you about you and your pet's lifestyle during your visits so we can recommend the correct vaccinations and preventative care for your pet. Whether your pet is an indoor-only couch snuggler, an active hunting dog, or goes on hikes and to the beach with you on the weekends, we want to make sure your pet has the right defenses to remain healthy and by your side for as long as possible.