As Teddy Sees It

Hey Everybody, Teddy the standard poodle here! Well, Dr. Suzy’s back, and I’ve been asked to write a blog for our new website! What to say…what to say? Well, I suppose THE most important news is that I’ve been named “The Dr.’s Official Greeter” (“The DOG”) for Westside Animal Hospital! (I have to tell you, beating out the Saluki made it soooo extra sweet!)


Meet the Team

pet Teddy

Teddy, The Poodle:

Voted “Most Pet-able Dog” three years running by…(Me!) I want you all to bring your pets to Westside Animal Hospital so I can get petted and made much of by all of you, and be the center of your attention and affection, and NOT have you waste your time on that stupid office cat….

pet Jinx

Jinx, The Cross-Eyed Siamese Office Cat:

Typical cat. He just wants to eat all kinds of things he shouldn’t – Kelley’s tuna fish, Jessica’s peanut butter, those delicious baked goodies brought in by you, our wonderful clients. But just like Wile E. Coyote, he’s always thwarted from his goal (I love it!) Oh, and he spends WAY too much time trying to steal your attention away from ME!

pet Ollie

Ollie, The Border Collie:

My sidekick. Ollie’s great – he substitutes for Jessica at the front desk when Jessica’s with Dr. Suzy. I’m thinking that it’s Ollie who does the real work at the Practice – answering phones…..typing in the records (do you know how hard that is without opposable thumbs?!)…. asking Josie how to spell the Big Words.

pet Josey

Josey, The Australian Shepherd:

I can’t say enough good things about Josie – she’s everybody’s friend and mentor. She’s aged and wise, has seen Life and utters admonishments and warnings to us to curb our “boisterous misdirections” (as she calls them.) Knows how to spell Big Words.

pet Livvy

Livvy, The smooth-haired Saluki:

Livvy is just different. She comes from the oldest domesticated dog breed - which fancies themselves the “Royal Dogs of the Pharaohs” - and consequently, she tends to be aloof, reserved, dignified, independent-minded, and quiet. Have to admit, though, that time the two commando dogs came after me down at the dog beach, Livvy ran up to them and growled them off - whew! She’s a loyal and intelligent friend (in spite of her weird behaviors like constantly sleeping on MY bed!)

pet Gunner

Gunner, the retired cowhorse:

Last, but certainly, not least (after all, he’s 22 paws high!) is our dear pal, Gunner. Every, now and then, we get to visit Gunner out at his ranch. Gunner’s great – steady, reliable, gentle, and responsible – why even the San Francisco Sheriff rides him every Columbus Day in the parade!

So that’s me and my friends. Periodically I’ll be reporting on our recent adventures…like the time we saved… Uh-oh! Gotta stop…some pets have just arrived for their appointments! Bye for now (BFN)! Teddy.